3 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Professional Photographers


Photography is one of the most rewarding yet highly competitive industries there is. Some photographers would admit that it is difficult to be recognized merely by showcasing your work in a website or allowing your prowess to be known through friends and family by word-of-mouth.

Some photographers may need intensive digital marketing strategies, since companies would be outsourcing services or images online. Photographers need to maximize their exposure in various content websites, in social media platforms, as well as in traditional media if possible.

Why Should Photographers Be Involved in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is lucrative in any other business, but especially photography for many reasons:

1. Digital marketing helps potential clients see your online portfolio

Showcasing your portfolio in digital space will allow potential clients to see the style of your works, who your previous clients are, and all other business details.

2. Helps you find new clients

Unless you have several connections in the media industry or other companies in need of photography services, you may want to search for clients online. Digital marketing will help you boost your reach not just locally, but internationally as well.

3. Improving your craft

Digital marketing is not just for your clients, but it is also for you as well. It helps you figure out what the trends are in photography, what people want in their photos, and how you can deliver these needs. It helps you improve your photography skills to better serve your clients.

3 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Professional Photographers

1. Focusing on a niche

Sometimes, it would be better to narrow down your photography niche on 1-2 areas. As a business owner, you have to think in terms of your client. If you want to have wedding photography services, would you want to go to a general photographer, or would you want to hire a wedding photographer? You would most likely hire the latter. Niche-focused business have a potential for more interested clients and will most likely gain popularity in their very specific markets. Make sure that your niche is narrowed specific enough, but wide enough to garner a steady demand of your services. Digital marketers such as Charles Lubbat Houston Texas can help give professional advice on how to find profitable photography niches for your business.

2. Offer royalty-free images

Another strategy that helps photographers gain recognition is by offering samples of royalty-free images for personal use. For example, a photographer may choose to submit his work at a stock photo website such as shutterstock.com or pexels.com. This will allow clients to access the photos for free, for personal use. When a user takes special notice of your work, you can be contacted for direct services, or the specific photos can be bought for commercial rights and usage.

3. Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to connect with users who can engage with your content. For the best ways to find interested clients, you may want to focus on highly visual media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Create accounts that showcase your work, make captions that offer discount on your services, and invite others to like your page or profile. When someone is interested, they can like, comment or share them, which further increases your reach organically. Additionally, you can also provide links to your business website it needed.

Here are just some of the examples, but there are many ways to develop your business through digital marketing. Charles Lubbat Houston Texas is an expert in the field, and he will allow you to develop strategies to make your photography business grow. For more details, visit his official website.