Best Photography in Point Loma

In a vibrant city such as San Diego, a city known as home to creative minds, whom are always seeking expression through outlets such as art, poetry, dance, fashion, there is always a celebration of life happening at every corner, always something to capture, something to encapsulate with the digital lens of time.

At the edge of San Diego, is a hidden gem of a town called Point Loma.

Often regarded to as the place California began because of its historic significance as the settling place of early Europeans, Point Loma is a town that is home to people of all colors, creed, and age, both young and old, growing together in unity. A location that eloquently captures the essence of Point Loma, are its tide pools. The National California Monument, that is Point Lomas tide pools, exists purely through biological, physical, and chemical activities over a long period of time. The multihued landscape surrounding the body of water is a photographers dream

There is so much to capture, from the birds casually strolling along the banks of the pool to the joyous sight of the high wave tides harmoniously crashing and overlapping, it is indeed a sight worth capturing through the lenses of a thousand cameras.  The best time to experience Point Lomas tide pools is late autumn and winter. During the humid summer months of late march to September, the tides are generally low and not as encapsulating as its peak months within fall and winter.

Being a photographer, it was only natural to want to spend hours at the National Monument, in an attempt to capture every wave, every hue of its landscape formation, they beauty of Point Lomas tide pools simply pulls you in.

The Cabrillo National Monument is also considered a must visit destination for tourists, and has an estimated amount of 210,000 people who visit annually. While most people visit beaches for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing endeavors, those who visit the tidepools come in hopes to experience the fresh Point Loma air, explore its magnificent open waters, learn the history of the National Monument, and take lifelong pictures to share they experiences with friends and love ones.

In a world that never stops moving, photography is our reminder of the ever fleeting present moment. Matthew David Parker Photography captures the beauty and essence of life itself at that exact moment in space where life was unfolding, and memories such as experiencing the Point Loma tide pools for the first time were being made.

There is a saying that life imitates art, but with photography, it is as if life is art constantly in motion.