D. Scott Carruthers Shares a Photographers Guide to Anaheim

When it comes to street photography, Anaheim CA has about the best photo ops that a city could offer. The people, urban landscape, and architectural features are eye catching and visually complex. Photographer D. Scott Carruthers teaches that compositions should be complex enough to hold the eye, and Anaheim’s subject matter will not disappoint street photographers who want to live up to this rule. In this guide, we will cover places to go, lighting, and alternative subject matter.

  1. Disneyland Resort

Anaheim CA is the home of Disneyland, which provides street photographers with many geometric angles, great lighting elements, and fun concepts to explore. Street photographers can consider taking evening shots of Disneyland from afar, and play with time laps as lights and rides swirl and blur together, and crowds enter and exit the park.

  1. Beautiful Faces

Street photographers will revel in the diversity of people in Anaheim CA. If a photographer wants to capture a candid beautiful moment between two people or inquire into social class struggles or relationship complexities, Anaheim will provide the perfect canvas. Anaheim is located between Los Angeles and San Diego, which means that there are plenty of faces to work with! The population is vibrant and truly spirited.

  1. Natural Mixed With Urban

In Anaheim, you will find that the urban elements outnumber the natural elements. That being said, it is not just a concrete jungle! The trees, flowers, and water elements that a street photographer can capture will contrast well with man made features in close proximity. Try photographing the massive, towering palms over Center Street Promenade, or capture the reflection of the sun on metal trolley tracks. Because of the times we live in, the juxtaposition between man and nature has never been more important to expose and bring up into attention.

  1. A Rich History

Highlight Anaheim’s rich history by wandering into the Anaheim Colony Historic District. Snap shots of antiquated architecture, timeless houses, and quaint gardens. The history is palpable, and a talented photographer will capture the feeling of the past that lives in this lovely district.

  1. Use Lighting To Make A Point

Think about the lighting. Anaheim is a sunny location, full of bright skies and puffy white clouds. Use the lighting to emphasize the mood that you are trying to create. Use a black and white image if you want to convey messages that are darker or have a great deal of depth. You can use a sepia palette to convey the passage of time, or imprint on your viewer a sense of history. D. Scott Carruthers emphasizes that you are in control when it comes to conveying a message, emotion, and perspective. Sunrise and sunset can have various association when it comes to emotions, as can a night sky. Experiment with all kinds of natural lighting, and find out what underlying tones you can pick up from the lighting in your shots. The many streetlights in Anaheim can have a very dramatic effect on an image, and can really strengthen your composition if used correctly.